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Browns vs. Jaguars: Analyzing the Snap Counts (Offense)

Looking at the offensive snap counts in the Browns' 24-6 loss to the Jaguars.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns had their worst offensive display of the season -- not as bad as our division rival Bengals had it in Indianapolis, but it was still pretty bad. Check out the snap distributions below for the offense, and let us know what your reactions are in the comments section.

Offensive Line
Joe Thomas Joel Bitonio
John Greco Paul McQuistan
Mitchell Schwartz
74/74 plays
74/74 plays
74/74 plays
74/74 plays
74/74 plays

Thoughts: All five starters played the entire game. Early evidence suggests that Paul McQuistan was pretty awful at right guard, particularly in run blocking. He's like the run blocking equivalent to what Oniel Cousins is in pass blocking. The unit as a whole yielded three sacks to the Jaguars.

Running Back / Fullback
Ben Tate
Isaiah Crowell Ray Agnew
Terrance West
41/74 plays
23/74 plays
18/74 plays
10/74 plays

Ben Tate: 16 carries, 36 yards, 2.3 YPC. 1 catch, -2 yards (2 targets).
Isaiah Crowell: 7 carries, 18 yards, 2.6 YPC. 1 catch, 5 yards (2 targets).
Ray Agnew: 1 catch, 3 yards (1 target).
Terrance West: 5 carries, 8 yards, 1.6 YPC. 1 catch, 0 yards (1 target).

Thoughts: Oh, where do we start? Is it with Ben Tate, who spun into a defender early in the game? Tate also failed to pick up the blitz on Hoyer's fumble, and then had a pass deflect off him for an interception late in the game. Or, should we look at Terrance West, who danced away from a first down 3-4 times on the same play in the first half, which inevitably set up the Browns' failed 4th-and-1? I can't blame Isaiah Crowell too much, as he had the pleasure of seeing Paul McQuistan not only get blown four yards off the line right into him, but then see the defender get released right into his path.

Wide Receiver
Andrew Hawkins Miles Austin Taylor Gabriel Travis Benjamin
Marlon Moore
55/74 plays
55/74 plays
42/74 plays
34/74 plays
2/74 plays

Andrew Hawkins: 5 catches, 112 yards (9 targets). 1 rush, 8 yards.
Miles Austin: 3 catches, 53 yards (8 targets).
Taylor Gabriel: 3 catches, 39 yards (7 targets).
Travis Benjamin: 0 catches (4 targets).

Thoughts: I've praised the wide receivers all season for their lack of dropped passes, but on a day in which Hoyer, the offensive line, and the running game struggled, the wide receivers didn't help matters. The Browns entered the game with the fewest dropped passes in the NFL, but had at least three drops against the Jaguars -- one each from Andrew Hawkins, Miles Austin, and Travis Benjamin. Two of those drops would have extended drives, and another could have helped turn a field goal into a touchdown.

Hawkins showed off his quickness on a 65-yard catch-and-run, but I was a little disappointed that he couldn't turn the burners on and go all the way. That's not a knock on him, it's just the desperation I was feeling after how pitiful our offense was playing. Marlon Moore saw his first two offensive snaps of the season, per the NFL gamebook. I definitely know one snap was when we snapped the ball inexplicably on 4th-and-5.

Tight End
Jordan Cameron Jim Dray Gary Barnidge
70/74 plays
19/74 plays
1/74 plays

Jordan Cameron: 1 catch, 5 yards (6 targets).
Jim Dray: No stats registered.
Gary Barnidge:
0 catches (1 target).

Thoughts: What's with Gary Barnidge only getting one snap this week? Odd. Jordan Cameron didn't have many catches, but he was targeted six times. Hoyer missed him once for a touchdown, but Cameron also missed an opportunity to make a play. On the 4th-and-1 play, Cameron left his feet too early and couldn't come down with Hoyer's touch pass along the sideline. Granted, that's a difficult play to make given the spot on the field, but the play was there to be made.

Brian Hoyer
74/74 plays

Brian Hoyer: 16-of-41 (39.02%) for 215 yards, 1 interception, 1 fumble lost. 1 carry, -1 yards.

Thoughts: We've seen Brian Hoyer in eight full NFL starts now. In my opinion, I've loved what I've seen in seven of them. That obviously leaves one awful start, which was yesterday against the Jaguars. There were no redemption drives, and although the blame can be spread around other people, you want to see your quarterback be the guy who triumphs in the face of adversity. Hoyer's done it before, but he didn't have it against Jacksonville. This looked like the preseason version of Hoyer who was airmailing passes over his receivers. I have faith that he'll get his act back together with two home games coming up.