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Colt McCoy vs. Brandon Weeden: The Twitter Experience

In case you were asleep last night, the ghosts of Cleveland Browns QB Past (tm) went to war in Dallas last night to prove once and for all who REALLY should have won Cleveland's 2012 QB "competition." Twitter was in prime form during the game. Vicariously live through the experience here.


Just in case you feel like throwing up today...

First, Fred proves to be Brownstradamus.

Colt McCoy came out of the game playing a very Coltish game. (Throwing balls at ankles, throwing picks in the end zone on floaters into double coverage, and other episodes you may have enjoyed circa 2012.

For some reason, the TV crew kept flashing back to our old friend, Brad McCoy, in the box.

Jay Gruden began having some issues...

And then, magic happens. I don't root for injury for any NFL player, but the prospect of a Weeden/McCoy showdown easily ranked at the top of my Monday Night Football scenarios. (Possibly because i'm a sadist, and also because I expected hilarious things to happen)

And the funny thing? All of the sudden, competent football started happening. Brandon Weeden started throwing darts (including hitting a few of his receivers in the hands for egregious drops) and Colt McCoy played every bit of the part of the scrappy/mobile/gritty/synonym for gritty player we wanted him to be. It was magnificent.

And they threw haymakers. All of the sudden, Colt's completion percentage was up over 70%, and Brandon Weeden was throwing 20 yard lasers to Jason Witten. The cameras flashed to Romo desperately trying to get drugged up enough get loose enough in the trainers room so that he could get back on the field. The Cryptkeeper was petitioning the medical staff and "advising" Jason Garrett to put him back in.

Then......touchdown, Weeden.

In the end, Nirvana was denied to Browns fans. A clearly banged up Romo came into the game, and proved incapable of beating the Washington "blitz every available player" defense. In OT, Colt McCoy did some gritty armpunt stuff and worked about 40 yards of offense (painstakingly) down the field for a Kai Forbath field goal. Browns fans whined and lamented for what promised to be an incredible overtime drive for the Cowboys from Weeden, but it was not to be. Colt McCoy was tackled by his own player coming off the field, and even witnessed a "No means NO" when the local reporters got too handsy.

All in all? A very entertaining night of football.

DawgsByNature readers; if there's great tweets I missed (and there are legion) please post them below so this can be recorded for posterity.