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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Browns steady the ship

The Browns took care of business in somewhat-ugly fashion Sunday, so where do they rank in this week's Power Rankings?

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Winning isn't easy in the NFL. But when you face Jacksonville, Oakland, and Tampa Bay in three consecutive weeks, one would assume it'd be easier than normal. Well, how'd that work out for the Browns last week?

This week was a different story, kind of. The Browns beat the Raiders, despite not playing great offense, but having the defense step up. Beating a bad team doesn't bump you much in power rankings, so let's take a look where they're ranking the Browns this week.

SB Nation: 17

"The NFC West and AFC North remain wide open.


The Bengals bounced back from last week's shutout at the hands of the Colts with a big victory over the division rival Ravens. The Browns and Steelers both got convincing wins as well, bringing all four teams above .500."

Yahoo! Sports: 17

"Brian Hoyer was 19-of-28 for 275 yards and a touchdown. After that stinker in Jacksonville, it was a much-needed rebound. (By the way, before any Steelers fans complain about their ranking vs. the Browns, remember that Browns 31, Steelers 10 was just two weeks ago.)"

CBS Sports: 21

"They are just hanging around in the wild-card race. But are they any good?"

Pro Football Talk: 17

"If they’re still hovering around .500 in three weeks, it’ll be interesting to see what Josh Gordon can do for the stretch run."

Current Wk. Last Wk. Up/Down Best To Date (week)
SB Nation 17 17 - 14 (7)
Yahoo! Sports 17 18 +1 15 (7)
CBS Sports 21 22 +1 17 (7)
ProFootballTalk 17 17 - 15 (7)

The Browns won ugly Sunday, beating the Raiders 23-13. Sure, the Raiders scored a TD in garbage time, but the Browns for the most part played totally okay. The defense played really well, but the offense, again, couldn't run the ball whatsoever, and Hoyer missed some throws.

But, a win is a win, except for Power Rankings. The Browns beat a winless team, so this week's rankings seem to be fitting. They moved up just one spot in two of the services above, and maintained their 17th ranking from last week from SB Nation and PFT.

What do you all think, seems fair, right?