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NFL Draft: Lots of GM's attended last night's FSU vs. UL game

While most of the sporting world watched the LeBron's Cavs opener, there was some football last night as well.

Andy Lyons

Last night while most of the sports world was watching LeBron James' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, there were also a couple football games.  The Saints beat the Panthers, but there was also some college action. Florida State took their undefeated record on the road, to my state, Kentucky, to square off with Louisville. Strangely, this is now a conference game, but that's neither here nor there.

It was quite an entertaining game, I know I tried to flip back and forth between the Cavs game and this, and ended up catching the end of the 4th. What is more interesting than it being a pretty darn good top-25 matchup, is that according to Adam Schefter, there were almost a dozen NFL GM's in attendance.

Listed at #21 on that list is Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer, and at #22 is Bill Kuharich, who is the executive chief of staff for the Browns. Also listed on that sheet are Bobby DePaul and Harrison Ritcher, both are personnel associates for the Browns.

Obviously last night's game had boatloads of talent, from both teams. I caught a little bit of the game, but there were a few that caught my eye.

There's the obvious Jameis Winston. Given the Browns QB situation, there's probably not much interest here from the Browns.

Specifically though, WR DeVante Parker is very intriguing. The senior wide receiver was only a 3-star prospect in HS, but was one of the best prospects in Kentucky when he signed on for Louisville in 2011. He's listed at 6'3", 209 lbs, and has the physical tools to be a big-time receiver at the next level.

Parker missed the first seven games of the season with a foot injury, and has not disappointed since his return. His first game he posted 9 receptions for 132 yards. And last night he hauled in 8 catches for 214 yards.

Given the fact that I live in Kentucky, I've had the chance to watch DeVante Parker closer than others outside the state. The kid is the real-deal. He may have pushed himself into arguably first round territory last night. Perhaps what was most impressive about his performance last night was that it came mostly against Florida State's P.J. Williams, who many scouts grade as a first round CB.

We've driven the Browns' receiving corp issue into the ground. Josh Gordon's suspension will be over soon, and thus giving them a major boost. Andrew Hawkins has been very impressive so far this year, and appears to be worth the contract the Browns used to swipe him away from the Bengals. UDFA Taylor Gabriel has been a pleasant surprise so far as well. However, outside of Gordon, Hawkins and maybe Gabriel, there's honestly still not much there. Adding a playmaker like Parker opposite of Gordon would be a huge upgrade at WR for the Browns next year.

The game last night had others that putting their names out there too: Nick O'Leary, Gerod Holliman, even the maligned Michael Dyer had a good game. Plus many more, I'm sure.

So if you watched the game last night, who caught your eye? Or who do you want to see the Browns take a look at from last night's game?