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Steelers vs. Browns: Week 6 TV Coverage

Who gets to watch the Steelers vs. Browns game on television this week?

Maddie Meyer

The map below lists the games that will air on CBS during the 1:00 PM ET time slot (coming from 506sports). Most of Ohio will get to see the Steelers vs. Browns game this week, as do some of the other states in the East. Per the TV Guide listings, it looks like Dayton is included in the area that gets the Browns game.

Week 6 TV Map

The Browns game will be commented by Greg Gumbel and Trent Green. It will be nice to hear Gumbel, as he's always a very professional and even-sided announcer, and I don't get the impression that Green has any significant bias. If you live in the Cleveland area, these are the games you will be able to watch on Sunday:


The Thursday night game this week features the Indianapolis Colts taking on the Houston Texans. We will have a game thread for that here at Dawgs By Nature, so be sure to check in for that.