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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Browns Soaring Up

Roundin' up the Week 11 Power Rankings...

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After defeating the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football, the Browns could sit back and watch the Sunday games knowing they'd already secured their W for the week.

The Jets did us a solid and took out the Steelers Sunday, which was just icing on the cake from Thursday. So let's take a look and see where the Browns are being ranked around the web.

SB Nation: 11

"Over in Ohio, the Bengals continue to be wildly inconsistent as well, getting steamrolled by the Browns on Thursday Night Football.

Hey, guess what? Cleveland is in first place in the AFC North. It's also worth pointing out that every team in the AFC North has a winning record and they all seem intent on beating up on each other for the remainder of the season."

Yahoo! Sports: 13

"I need to keep repeating this because it is not being said enough: After one more game, a 6-3 first-place team will be adding the most productive receiver in the entire NFL over the 2013 season. No playoff contender is making an addition like Josh Gordon. Not even close."

CBS Sports: 11

"That win at Cincinnati last Thursday is telling. They are a legitimate playoff contender. Mike Pettine has done a heck of a job."

Pro Football Talk: 13

"At some point, the Browns have to pick a quarterback.  And it would be the ultimate Browns move to pick the wrong one." 11

"Power Mover of the Week

Massive win for the Cleveland Browns last Thursday, not only because it was the first divisional road win since 2008, but also because of the outstanding effort displayed on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil had to be as giddy as a kid getting his first G.I. Joe with swivel-arm battle grip. Speaking of, Cleveland has a tremendous opportunity to strengthen its grip on the AFC North with the Texans rolling into town, new quarterback included."

Site Current Wk. Last Wk. Up/Down Best to Date (week)
SB Nation 11 16 +5 11 (11)
Yahoo! Sports 13 18 +5 13 (11)
CBS Sports 11 15 +4 11 (11)
Pro Football Talk 13 16 +3 13 (11) 11 18 +7 11 (11)

Clearly the national media is catching Browns Fever as well. The Browns saw some major jumps after the second Steelers game, but then fell face first after losing to the Jaguars.

This week we're again seeing massive gains in the rankings. To me, that's well deserved. They took it to a divisional opponent, on the road, on national TV.

What'll be interesting now is whether the Browns can keep the momentum going when they square off with the Houston Texans on Sunday. If the Browns pull off another win against the Texans, the rankings could be even more favorable next week.

I think 11 sounds pretty ideal for this team right now. What do you all think?