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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Browns Faceplant (again)

Roundin' up this weeks Power Rankings...

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If it seems like we've been down this road before, it's because we have. Week 6 the Browns beat up on a divisional opponent in the form of the Steelers to the tune of 31-10. The Power Rankings came out that week and everyone was riding the Browns train. Then, the Browns fell flat on their face against the Jaguars, losing 24-6. The pundits then immediately began jumping off said Browns-train.

Fast-forward four weeks to Week 10. The Browns again beat up on a divisional opponent, this time the Bengals 24-3. The following week? Lose to the Texans 23-7.

Eerily similar right?

So let's see now how fast the national media is jumping ship...

SB Nation: 17

"Dark Horses

The Browns lost this week to fall to fourth place (technically) in the AFC North at 6-4, but in that crazy division, anything is possible."

Yahoo! Sports: 15

"The good news is Josh Gordon is back. The bad news is they won't get that loss to the Texans back. They really could have used that one."

CBS Sports: 18

"Losing to the Jaguars and at home to the Texans in the past five games is a real indicator where they are as a team. Getting Josh Gordon back will help."

Pro Football Talk: 18

"Every time it looks like Brian Hoyer will force the Browns to make a tough decision, he makes their decision a lot easier." 18

"I love Brian Hoyer, but 20-for-50 is thisclose to awful. Of course, you gotta have help from the ground game -- Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West (3.8 yards per carry combined) weren't exactly Mack and Byner out there in the loss to Houston. At least Ben Tate made up for it with negative-9 yards rushing."

Site Current Wk. Last Wk. Up/Down Best to Date (week)
SB Nation 17 11 -6 11 (11)
Yahoo! Sports 15 13 -2 13 (11)
CBS Sports 18 11 -7 11 (11)
Pro Football Talk 18 13 -5 13 (11) 18 11 -7 11 (11)

So, that was pretty much to be expected.

The Browns lost a winnable game, at home. There was plenty of reason to be optimistic heading into Sunday's game. They just had beaten Cincinnati in Cincinnati, extra days for rest after the Thursday game, playing against a QB making his first pro start, Texans without Arian Foster, etc etc etc.

But, as we've seen the Browns do before, they fell flat on their face. So, the media jumping ship is justified.

The Browns obviously get Josh Gordon back this week, which will be huge. They also cut Ben Tate this morning, so that provides clarity to the running back situation. The Falcons game should help in getting us a better picture of where this Browns team is currently.

What do you all think, fair ranking(s) this week?