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Poll: Bigger Impact, Josh Gordon or Karlos Dansby?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously the biggest story for the Cleveland Browns this week is the return of Josh Gordon. Since his suspension was reduced to 10 games, and the possibility of him seeing the field this year became a reality, fans have been anxiously waiting this week. And now, it's finally here.

Josh Gordon's return does coincide with some negative news this week, however. That'd be the potential loss of the Browns starting LB Karlos Dansby. Now, it does appear as though Karlos is trying to make the start Sunday against the Falcons, a game in which his whole family will be attending. He's apparently gobbling up lobster mashed potatoes in order to get ready for the game.

Despite Dansby telling Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "I'm feeding like a vampire drinking blood," he said. "I've got to feed it. For a vampire to bounce back, he's got to get his blood and I've got to keep getting the lobster mash in my body right now. I'm eating a lot, man."

Unfortunately, the reality is the Browns will likely be without Dansby at least this week because of his MCL sprain suffered against the Texans. Dansby has been a huge piece to the Browns defense, one that would be sorely missed.

So my question is, who will have the bigger impact on the remaining six games?