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Johnny Manziel allegedly involved in a "large fight" early Saturday morning

Johnny Football has been connected with a fight that occurred early Saturday morning in downtown Cleveland.

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Johnny Football has returned to the spotlight.

The Browns rookie quarterback was allegedly involved in a "massive fight" early Saturday morning at The Metropolitan at The 9 in downtown Cleveland, according to a police report obtained by DBN.

Police were called to the scene at 2:25 a.m. to break up an alleged fight caused by an eager Browns fan and a member of Johnny Manziel's security team. By the time police arrived, the fight had been dispersed.

Cleveland Scene first reported the story.

The trouble began when Browns fan Chris Gonos spotted Manziel while waiting for the elevator. He pointed Manziel out to his girlfriend, then approached the Browns quarterback.

As the police report states, "At this time victim stated to the unidentified male, 'I'm the biggest Browns fan ever, I love you, I want to give you a hug.'"

One of the members of Manziel's security team, identified as Dana Kirk of Kerrville, Texas in the police report, allegedly struck Gonos "several times in the face." This ignited a "large fight," involving as many as "20 men and two security guards."

Amidst the fracas, a hotel security guard allegedly attempted to intervene, but sustained an injury.

Gonos told the Cleveland Scene:

"I got a bruised hip and a bruised elbow, and somebody hit me in the back of the head, too. My brother saw what was going on and he ran he tackled Johhny Manziel — I guess he got the sack and the fumble. He tackled him, yeah, I’m talking about he speared him all the way to the back wall. I was cornered; I was by myself and Johnny Manziel and like three or four of his buddies were all coming at me. (My brother) just came to help me out, and I guess Johnny sucker punched him while the security guard was holding him. It should be all on video."

Police have obtained a copy of that video, according to multiple reports. According to Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan, "Officers observed video camera’s in the lobby of where the incident took place and they are expected to examine the footage as part of their investigation."

Browns general manager Ray Farmer issued a statement on the matter earlier this afternoon:

"We are aware of the incident and are in the process of gathering additional information in order to gain a complete understanding of what occurred. Nonetheless, the time of the incident is concerning to us. We continually stress to all of our players the importance of sound decision making in an effort to avoid putting themselves in these types of situations. We have addressed this appropriately with the player and will have no further comment at this time."

One interesting point of interest is that Gonos plead guilty to tax evasion and international money smuggling, according to an October 2013 article by the Sandusky Register. In April 2014, Gonos was sentenced to two years probation, again according to the Sandusky Register.

However, this story is still quite young, so assumptions cannot be made at this point in regards to whose fault it was. At this point, it is all a matter of "he said, she said."

UPDATE #1: ESPN's Adam Schefter has acquired the following statement from Manziel's agent, Erik Butkhardt:

"Johnny and his roommate had been out to dinner earlier in the evening with Johnny’s mother, who is staying with him this week. There was no entourage. Johnny and his roommate were trying to get on the apartment elevator at his home when they were accosted by a very aggressive man and his associates. It was an unfortunate situation and he immediately let Ray Farmer and the team know what happened."

UPDATE #2: is reporting that Gonos has been convicted of five misdemeanors over the past 13 years: an assault in December 2001, a citation for an open flask of alcohol in November 2002, disorderly conduct in August 2005, and disorderly conduct/disrupting business in July 2006. Read the full story here.

UPDATE #3: DBN has acquired a copy of the police report. In case you haven't seen it, this is the description of the incident directly from the Cleveland Division of Police.

Johnny Manziel Police Report v.2

UPDATE #4: If Johnny's story holds up, this mess will go away, according to Jay Glazer.
Check back for more updates on this developing story.