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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Browns holding steady

Roundin' up this week's Power Rankings.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns beat the Buccaneers on Sunday to improve to 5-3, and third in the AFC North. This week's story follows a similar one as last week's. Not an impressive win, but a win is a win.

Let's take a look and see where they're ranking the Browns around the web.

SB Nation: 16

"Parity Rules" section
"As we go down the list, we find teams like the Eagles, Packers, Colts, Bengals, Chiefs, Cowboys, Seahawks, Ravens, Dolphins, Bills, and Browns, a gaggle of very strong teams, either leading their divisions or contending in that race."
"The Browns won again as well, knocking off Tampa Bay at home."

Yahoo! Sports: 18

"The running game has disappeared without center Alex Mack. Don't let anyone tell you a star lineman isn't important."

CBS Sports: 15

"If they want to show they are truly a playoff team they have to win at Cincinnati this week. It's a big step up from Oakland and Tampa Bay." 18

"The Brownies are staying put. Over the past three weeks, they've gotten hammered in Jacksonville and looked unimpressive in wins over the Raiders and Bucs. Take a look at where those three outfits are in these Power Rankings (as well as the standings). Not penalizing Cleveland for winning -- nice job at the end, Brian Hoyer -- but we can't move the Browns up."

Current Wk. Last Wk. Up/Down Best To Date (week)
SB Nation 16 17 +1 14 (7)
Yahoo! Sports 18 17 -1 15 (7)
CBS Sports 15 21 +6 15 (10) 18 18 - 18 (10)

So, you may notice this week I've mixed up the final ranking I've pulled in. I've not been tracking's power rankings, until now I was using ProFootballTalk's. However, they've yet to post theirs for this week, and well, if ya snooze ya lose, I guess. And it was about time for a change anyways.

After knocking off the not-very-good Buccaneers, it's no surprise to see little shuffling in the Browns' rankings. CBS had been rating the Browns lower than others in recent weeks, so it's nice to see them get back on board with the others. A six-spot jump for beating the Bucs seems a little much, but understandable given they had them rated lower than everyone else.

Again, this week is no different than last week. The Browns beat a team they should have beaten (some would say should have beaten by more), so the rankings this week seem pretty fair.

Now, the Browns have a short week as they travel to Cincinnati to face the Bengals in primetime. If they're able to knock off a division foe, on the road, on national television, expect to see the rankings very favorable for the Browns next week.

What do you think, 15-18 range seem fair? I think so.