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Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns: Week 15 TV Coverage

Who gets to watch the Bengals vs. Browns game on television this week?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The map below lists the games that will air on FOX this Sunday during the 1:00 PM ET time slot (coming from 506sports). The areas in green will get to see the Bengals vs. Browns game.

UPDATE (12/10/14): Expect significant changes to the map below:

UPDATE (12/11/14): The maps have been updated, and now over half the country will see the Battle of Ohio. More changes could be coming too. Remarkable. To see how the distribution was before stations new Cleveland was going with Manziel, click here.

Week 15 TV Map 2

The Browns game will be commentated by Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch, the same crew that did last week's game against the Colts. Basically all of Ohio will get to see the game since it's...the Battle of Ohio

If you live in the Cleveland area, these are the games you will be able to watch on Sunday:


The Cardinals and Rams will square off on Thursday night, which we will have an open thread for.