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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay's first mock has Browns going DT and WR

ESPN's Todd McShay released his first 2015 NFL mock draft yesterday.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

With the Browns effectively eliminated from playoff contention, what better time than now to start talking the Draft?

ESPN's Todd McShay released his first mock draft yesterday, found here. The theme of his mock for the Browns is one that is going to be similar for the vast majority of the mocks you'll see. He has the Browns going DL with their first pick, and WR with their second pick.

With the first of their two first round picks, McShay has the Browns selecting Danny Shelton from the University of Washington. Shelton is listed at 6'1" and 332 pounds, and with the Browns' porous rush defense this year, a big nose tackle would make sense. Also, given the Browns injury issues this year along the DL, another big body would be handy.

McShay then has the Browns going WR with their next pick, selecting Jaelen Strong out of Arizona State. Cleveland skipped drafting a WR in last year's WR-rich class, so he has the Browns addressing that need this year. Listed at 6'3" and 212 pounds, he's in the mold of a Josh Gordon-type receiver. The pick would not only add another playmaker at receiver, but also act as insurance if Josh Gordon were to get popped again.

According to Mocking the Draft's top-100 players, Danny Shelton is their 23rd rated player, and Jaelen Strong at 35th.

The mock McShay did has the Browns drafting #14 and #19, which is obviously fluid with two more games to play, but with where the Browns are now (and the Bills), drafting in the mid-teens to low-twenties sounds about right.

What do you all make of the first mock? What other position(s) would you target?