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Scouting Report: Browns QB Connor Shaw Part 2

Connor Shaw may start for the Browns in Week 17.

Connor Shaw
Connor Shaw
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Part 1 looked at the basic traits Connor Shaw brings to the quarterback position. This second part investigates what he can do as a passer.

Deep Ball

Nice job fitting the ball in to TE over the LB's shoulder. We've seen this pass in the Browns offense before, coming off play action and finding Jordan Cameron, Jim Dray, and Gary Barnidge.

3_21-25 - deep great pass to tight end

Good accuracy on deep ball considering the coverage, but could have led more.

5_50-56 - good accuracy on deep ball could have led more

Drops throw in to receiver deep downfield on corner route.

3_56-01 - deep drops throw in to receiver

Deep ball miss. Drives with his hips through the throw, losing accuracy. This is a common mechanical flaw, where a quarterback uses the additional power of his hip rotation to add strength to the throw. On the downside, this adds rotation to the ball, often causing it to tail off wide of the mark (usually to the left for right-handed throwers).

1-18-24 - deep ball miss

Not bad here, but he could use just a little more air under the ball.

0_12-17 - deep miss


Shaw drives the ball outside the numbers. This is an NFL-caliber throw to find the open space in front of the Cover 2 safety.

1-45-50 - deep_intermediate pass to sideline

Nice touch on this one to drop it in the bucket. Very slightly underthrown, still very good placement here.

5-33-39 - deep-intermediate ball hit

Finds the receiver sitting down in the void. Keeps the ball down and puts power behind the throw to prevent any chance of defenders getting in on the play.

0_27-31 - intermediate

Leads too far here and too flat of a trajectory. Needs to put more arc on this one to give his receiver a chance.

4:33-38 - deep-intermediate ball miss

Rotates his hips and throwing shoulder too much here (appears to be in an attempt to add velocity to his throw). The throw tails to the left on him, matching his hip and shoulder rotation.

1-59-03 - deep-intermediate pass miss

Once again makes the technical error of rotating his hips into the throw, but his accuracy doesn't suffer on this one (placement is within the area where he wants it). The ball has nice zip on it here.

0-45-49 - quick pass-intermediate

Very good placement on this fade. Defender has no chance.

4-14-19 - PA quick pass-intermediate_fade TD

Short Passes

This is an area where Shaw may in fact look better than both Hoyer and Manziel. He consistently displays NFL-caliber ball placement and timing on slants. He can also likely be expected to hit other short West Coast Offense passes inside the numbers such as shallow crosses, hitches, speed outs, sticks, and whip routes.

Good velocity and placement on a slant. Fits ball between defenders and delivers it on time to hit receiver in stride.

0-58-03 - quick pass-short

Not a ton of power behind this throw, but Shaw puts the ball on the mark on this quick slant:

9-51-55 - quick pass-short

Connor Shaw consistently hits his receivers in stride so they can run after the catch.

2_18-22 - short pass slant

He does so again on this pass to the back in the flat:

6_07-12 - short pass stick route

On this slant, Shaw's pass is a little slow and behind. Usually he's on time and puts enough on it, though.

8_51-55 - short pass slant

This trips bunch creates space for the receiver running a stick route.


Inaccurate Throws

Rolls hips, knees, and ankles through the throw to turn to the left rather than squaring up to his target and driving through it. Consequently, the ball tails to the left and misses the mark.

6_48-52 - inaccurate Rolls hips

Rolls through his throw again -- and even spins in his follow through this time -- and sees a similar loss in accuracy.

8_04-08 - inaccurate rolls hips again

Rolls hips and rotates shoulder through the throw and the ball sails high and left of his aiming point:

1-28-31 - inaccurate

Setting Feet On The Move

Shaw consistently sets his feet when throwing on the move, especially when rolling to his right. He seems to be consistently aware of his mechanics: his deviations come when he's trying to put more power on the ball or when he's throwing without being square to his target.

2_41-45 - sets feet on rollout

Connor Shaw has limited arm strength. To generate good velocity, he compensates by adjusting his throwing mechanics (rolling hips and shoulder into the throw). Sometimes this hurts his accuracy and sometimes it doesn't.

Part 2 Overview

- Shaw has a decent deep ball. Over half of the time he throws it with good touch and accuracy. Other times it comes out flat and results in an overthrow.
- His accuracy problems come from rotating his hips and shoulder into throws to generate more power.
- His accuracy issues are the most pronounced on intermediate passes and passes to his left.
- Shaw consistently hits his receivers in stride on short passes, allowing them to pick up yards after the catch.

- Shaw sets his feet well on the move and is comfortable rolling out, especially to his right.

Connor Shaw doesn't have tremendous upside due to his arm strength and awareness limitations. That being said, he is an athletic quarterback with a lot of experience with the option and a West Coast Offense route tree. Being well-accustomed to what he will likely be asked to do in the Browns offense, plus his poise and a matchup against a battered Ravens secondary, gives him a decent chance of having a productive outing in his first career NFL action.