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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (2/11/14)



Cleveland Browns:

  • "Winning solves perception" (FSO) - "Once again, only time will tell. Mike Pettine might turn out to be the next Vince Lombardi, but a year ago the Browns had a first year head coach in Rob Chudzinski promoted from the ranks of offensive coordinator."
  • "Kyle Shanahan on Manziel: 'Who Wouldn’t Like Him? I Can’t Wait to See Coach’s Copy'" (92.3 The Fan) - "Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan joined Bull & Fox to talk about his previous stops and how that will help him in this position, the priority in finding a quarterback and studying the current roster..."
  • "Will Mike Pettine’s young coordinators deliver a game-day advantage?" (WFNY) - "If nothing else, you have to give the Cleveland Browns credit—they’re not repeating themselves. After watching Browns head coach Mike Pettine introduce his coordinators, you couldn’t imagine a more polar opposite scene from Rob Chudzinski’s staff."
  • "On the Right Track?" (OBR) - "After displaying tough defense without a top-level NFL quarterback, the Seattle Seahawks brought back the old adage that defense wins championships. Considering the Browns' new head coach is defensive minded and some of the team's key cogs are on defense, are the Browns actually on the right track?"