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Who Saw the Michael Lombardi Firing Coming, and the Source of Joe Banner's Dismissal?

Did Peyton Manning really play a role in the dismissal of Joe Banner, and has the Michael Lombardi dismissal been in the works for awhile?

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Believe him or not, the man known as @CONCEDE on Twitter has been the early source of many Cleveland Browns rumors over the years, and he was first on the Michael Lombardi trail this time around too. Here is what he tweeted last week, suspecting something fishy was going on:

When asked if the rumor was about Lombardi, @CONCEDE responded, "That's the word in Berea. It lines up with Farmer [staying] and the rumors I heard a few weeks ago about Lombardi being on the way out."

After the dismissal of Lombardi and Joe Banner was made public this morning, @CONCEDE took to Twitter to dish out some more rumors regarding the duo was being handed their walking papers:

So there you have it: we can thank Peyton Manning for his influence on Jimmy Haslam, it seems. In would have to believe that Haslam's decision was based on more than just Manning, but it's interesting to hear about how some of this stuff has been brewing, despite what was conveyed publicly.