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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (2/12/14)



Cleveland Browns:

  • "Beyond Satire" (Sports on Earth) - "Poe's Law states that it is impossible to create a parody of extremism that will not be mistaken, perhaps by extremists themselves, for the real thing. Haslam's Lemma to Poe's Law states that it is impossible to create a parody of Browns news that will not be mistaken for actual Browns news."
  • "Ray Farmer likes Marcus Mariota best" ( - "Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota decided to forego the 2014 NFL draft for his senior year. Had he come out, he might have went No. 4 overall to the Cleveland Browns."
  • "Jimmy Haslam’s bold firings show clarity, not Browns’ dysfunction" (ABJ) - "At first glance, owner Jimmy Haslam’s continually quick trigger finger looks as out­rageous as anything that’s been done with the Browns since the secret handshake on the tarmac in Baltimore."
  • "Wisconsin coach Anderson turns down Browns" (AP) - "Wisconsin said Tuesday that coach Gary Andersen was contacted by the Cleveland Browns for their coaching vacancy but decided not to pursue the position following a conversation with the NFL team."