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This Ranking Can't be Good for WR Greg Little

Soon, we will deliberate whether or not the Cleveland Browns should cut WR Greg Little this offseason, despite his low cap figure. One thing is for certain, though: the prospects of his future in Cleveland aren't looking very good. The dropped passes returned last season, and he failed to take the next step forward in his career. Then, after Rob Chudzinski was fired, there were rumors that one of the things that did him in was not cutting a player like Little.

The latest blemish on Little's resume? The ranking that Senior Editor Vic Carucci gave him when ranking the 53 players on the Browns roster. Little was ranked at 53/53 on the list -- dead last -- which was even behind fellow wide receiver Davone Bess, who had an even worse year in 2013.

Yes, Carucci does not speak for the Browns' front office, but it's also been believed that because he works for the organization that he might have some insight regarding how a certain player is perceived. You have to think that Little is behind the likes of QB Brandon Weeden, DL Brian Sanford, S Jordan Poyer, WR Josh Cooper, LB Eric Martin, WR Brian Tyms, TE Andre Smith, OL Oniel Cousins, and LB Darius Eubanks, guys who basically received no playing time last year. Other semi-regular players who are ranked low on the list include LB Craig Robertson (38/53) and RB Willis McGahee (51/53).