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Not Much Difference in Franchise Tag Numbers, Based on Salary Cap

Earlier today, Joel Corry of CBS Sports posted another article about the franchise tag, going through all 32 teams and projecting who each team might be interested in using it on. The price of the franchise tag can fluctuate, depending on what the league salary cap is for the 2014 season, something we won't know for another couple of weeks. Corry says the expectation is that the cap will be somewhere between $126.3 million and $128 million. With those ranges in mind, these would be the tag numbers for either C Alex Mack or SS T.J. Ward:

2014 Salary Cap Projections
Player $126.3 million cap $128 million cap
C Alex Mack $11,109,000 $11,258,000
SS T.J. Ward $8,008,000 $8,116,000

As you can see, we're talking about differences that won't make or break any NFL team, if they decide to use the franchise tag. Cleveland is certainly one of those teams with enough cap space to use the tag.