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Measurements Are in for the Top 3 Quarterbacks - Too Short for Johnny Manziel?

NFL Network

The measurements are in at the NFL Combine for the Top 3 projected quarterbacks, including Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Blake Bortles. The thing that everybody is talking about is Manziel's height, which was measured at 5'11 3/4", and his hand size, which came in at 9 7/8". Here are the measurements for the top quarterbacks:

Player School Height Weight Hand size
Blake Bortles UCF 6'5"
232 9 3/8"
Teddy Bridgewater Louisville 6'2 1/8"
214 9 1/4"
Johnny Manziel Texas A&M 5'11 3/4" 207 9 7/8"

Our Jaguars affiliate will be charting the rest of the quarterback measurements throughout the day. Here are some early media reactions to the measurables:

Mike Krupka's pre-draft assessment of Manziel and his measureables was pretty spot on:

Johnny Manziel is not your prototypical sized NFL QB. Questions surround just how tall he is and at next weeks' NFL Combine we will get our official answer. In my estimation, Manziel could measure anywhere between 5'11" - 6'1" and could weigh anywhere between 200lb - 215lbs.

Manziel's frame does have with room for growth, and provided his coaches don't call as many designed runs as they did last season, he should be able to protect himself against unnecessary hits from NFL defenses.

When he does tuck the ball and run, Manziel doesn't look like a QB. His vision and ability to accelerate / change direction can make players miss and he is extremely sudden with his movement and cuts such that he often reminds me of a running back. That can be both good and bad at next level but that depends on decision making.

Manziel has large hands which certainly helps any QB handle the ball, especially in inclement weather.