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Michael Lombardi Seen With Documents Containing Browns Logo at NFL Combine

Hey...wait a minute, he doesn't work for the Browns anymore!

When former Cleveland Browns general manager Michael Lombardi is not busy munching down on a bucket of popcorn at the NFL Combine, he is busy working -- by that, I mean sifting through files from his days with the Browns. As first pointed out by Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan on Twitter -- and later posted on Twitter -- Lombardi can be seen sitting next to Bill Belichick at the NFL Combine, looking through papers that have the Browns logo on them.

Dennis Manoloff from the Plain Dealer posted more incriminating evidence:

One fan wondered if the Patriots could get in trouble for such a thing. Ruiter suggested that it probably wouldn't come down to that, but nonetheless, it does somewhat answer that question fans often wonder after a person gets fired of, "will they take all the work they've already been doing with them?"