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Dawgs By Nature Radio: Recapping the Browns' Wild Offseason Tonight at 7 PM EST

Dawgs By Nature Radio returns for a special episode tonight, February 25th, LIVE at 7 PM EST. This week's episode will be hosted by Matt Wood, and he'll be joined by Dan Lalich and Jon Stinchcomb. Check out the show preview below for another hour of Cleveland Browns talk.

Click Here to Listen LIVE at 7 PM EST

Want to Ask a Question or Leave an Opinion?

  1. Call In: 347-838-9742 to listen, and then press '1' to have your call screened.
  2. Tweet: Send us a tweet with the hashtag #DBNRadio
  3. Chat: Use the chat room at the bottom of the DBN Radio page.

Show Topics

  1. Brief thoughts on Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi being out.
  2. The hiring of Mike Pettine, and how the search went down.
  3. Would Jim Harbaugh have been a godsend or a disaster?
  4. Trying to keep Alex Mack and T.J. Ward.
  5. Looking at other free agent targets, and the draft.

It's a lot to talk about and the guys might not get to all of it, but be sure to tune in!