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List of the Cleveland Browns' Free Agents

DBN will have a review of each free agent on the Cleveland Browns in the coming days.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency will officially begin on March 11th at 4:00 PM EST. Unlike most years, the Cleveland Browns don't have a lot of free agents (we will not count LB D'Qwell Jackson as a free agent, since he was released). The players below will have their contracts expire if the Browns do not do anything by March 11:

  • RB Willis McGahee
  • C Alex Mack
  • OG Shawn Lauvao
  • OG Oniel Cousins
  • ILB Craig Robertson (EFRA)
  • SS T.J. Ward
  • K Billy Cundiff

Over the next several days, we will do a free agent review for each of these players, determining whether we feel they should be retained for the 2014 season. We will also conduct a poll on each player. We will start with McGahee and end with Cundiff, covering everybody in between in order...that is, unless the Browns re-sign someone in the mean time.