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Titans & Broncos Leading the Charge in Teams Trying to Sign D'Qwell Jackson

D'Qwell Jackson has former ties to both the Titans and Broncos -- ones that would still make him feel at home, but perhaps on a more contending team.

Doug Pensinger

Shortly after the Cleveland Browns released LB D'Qwell Jackson on Wednesday, it was reported that at least seven teams had already shown an interest in him. Two of those teams have strong historical connections to Jackson -- the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos.

Jason La Canfora reported that Jackson was headed to the Titans first, and then will visit the Broncos. Tennessee hired Ray Horton as their defensive coordinator this offseason, and with Horton likely transitioning the Titans to a 3-4 defense, it's not a surprise that Horton would want Jackson to be the leader of the defense again. That's the way our Titans affiliate sees it.

The Broncos have to be a compelling landing spot to Jackson for several reasons. First, with Peyton Manning, they are always going to be virtual Super Bowl contenders. Second, Tom Heckert is part of the Broncos' front office, and he is the guy who signed Jackson to the big contract in Cleveland a couple of years ago -- the same contract that the new front office ripped up. Our Broncos affiliate explains why they'd like to sign Jackson.

The thing that could hurt both teams is that neither one is loaded with available cap space -- unless they want Jackson to be one of their premiere signings this offseason, Jackson might have to explore other opportunities to get what he's looking for.

Other teams who have been rumored to be looking at Jackson so far include the Chiefs and the Vikings.