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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (2/5/14)

Jason Miller


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Kyle Shanahan has chance to alter perception and future with Cleveland" (Plain Dealer) - "Kyle Shanahan agreed to work for a Browns organization described by national media members as 'toxic' and 'radioactive.' The 34-year-old offensive coordinator should welcome the improved air quality."
  • "How to solve the QB situation (again)" (ESPN) - "The Super Bowl officially brings an end to the 2013 season, which means the Cleveland Browns can again spend an offseason trying to answer the question that has been raging since 1999."
  • "Hopes for the Cleveland Browns as the off-season begins for real" (WFNY) - "The off-season already feels old for the Cleveland Browns as it’s been 35 days since they last played football on December 29. As the Browns seem set to announce Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator, and as we sit back and think about how Seattle decimated the Broncos in the Super Bowl, I have a few hopes for the Browns."
  • "Browns, Bengals with money to spend" (FSO) - "The NFL offseason is upon us and it's time to fantasize about free agent signings. Only so much is possible though depending on your team's cap space. Good news for Bengals and Browns fans: Both teams are well under the cap and should be able to pursue some quality free agents."