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Browns Holding Press Conference Thursday to Introduce Coordinators

Get ready to welcome the Browns' new coordinators.


If you've been waiting to hear from the new coordinators for the Cleveland Browns, they make sure you are at your computer or have a radio handy around 11:00 AM EST on Thursday. That is when the Browns will host a press conference featuring head coach Mike Pettine and his three coordinators: Jim O'Neil (defense), Kyle Shanahan (offense), and Chris Tabor (special teams).

Tabor is the only returning coach of the bunch, but it'll be interesting to hear from him since he did not have press conferences during the 2013 season under former head coach Rob Chudzinski. O'Neil will surely be asked about what type of input he will have as coordinator, since Pettine has said he will call plays. The man of the hour will likely be Shanahan, though, who will probably field questions about what type of offense he will run, what he thinks of the team's quarterback situation and Josh Gordon, and whether he was looking for an opportunity to separate away from his father.

The press conference should air live on and will be broadcast on during the Baskin & Phelps show. We will have an open thread here at DBN and a recap of what was said later in the day.