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Chuck Driesbach Comments on Mike Pettine as Head Coach

The Browns' new linebackers coach had some kind words for his head coach.

Chuck Driesbach, the new linebackers coach of the Cleveland Browns, spent 36 years coaching in the college ranks before being hired by the Buffalo Bills last season. Driesbach was hired in Buffalo largely based on the recommendation of Mike Pettine, according to a report.

Driesbach was stunned when he was the only defensive coach fired after the season (this was before Pettine and the rest of his staff left for Cleveland). Now that Pettine has given him another job in Cleveland, Driesbach certainly has an appreciation for Pettine. He spoke with Tom Moore, a reporter in Bucks County, PA, and had the following to say:

"I guarantee you that every coach Pettine has hired thinks he's died and gone to heaven to be coaching the Browns," said Driesbach. "I think Pettine will be successful because he'll run the team the same way he ran the defense [in Buffalo] -- with accountability, toughness, and production. We were a very close-knit group in Buffalo. When Anthony Weaver [Browns' defensive line coach] came on board, he was the final piece of the puzzle."