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FS Jairus Byrd Reportedly Seeking $9 Million Per Year

Assuming the Cleveland Browns aren't able to bring SS T.J. Ward back, I named Buffalo Bills free agent safety Jairus Byrd as my top coveted free agent. My personal projection was that he would receive something along the lines of a 5-year deal worth $42.5 million, with $21.25 million in guaranteed money.

According to several people this morning, including Peter King of SI and James Walker of ESPN, Byrd is seeking a long-term deal averaging $9 million per year.

That would mean Byrd is looking for a 5-year deal worth $45 million, or a 6-year deal worth $54 million. Players don't always get what they seek, though, so we'll see if my projection of $8.5 million stands, and if a team like the Browns is indeed willing to stake a lot of their cap space in a safety.