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Broncos Sign Former Browns SS T.J. Ward

So long, T.J. Ward

David Welker

When the Cleveland Browns signed SS Donte Whitner, we knew the writing was on the wall that SS T.J. Ward would not be returning to the team. A little over an hour into free agency, Adam Schefter reported that the Denver Broncos agreed to terms with Ward. A little bit player, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer reported on the possible terms of Ward's deal in Denver, where he'll be re-united with Tom Heckert:

The signing in Denver, coupled with the fact that Ward is making $1.25 million less per year, means Ward wanted to pursue free agency rather than returning to Cleveland. That would explain why the Browns reacted to quickly to replace Ward (presumably for a similar price). Also, if both Ward and C Alex Mack wanted out, it's easier to find a replacement for Ward than it would've been to find a replacement for Mack.