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Projecting the Browns' Cap Space: $39.81 Million After Day 1 of Free Agency

After the first day of free agency, the Cleveland Browns still have a healthy amount of cap space left to add some additional players.

UPDATE: We mistakenly interpreted the cash spend on Whitner as meaning a guaranteed base salary in 2014. After learning that a certain tweet was referring to a cash spend, Whitner's base salary for 2014 is going to be much lower than we thought, so his deal is not front-loaded in the least.

The Cleveland Browns signed SS Donte Whitner and ILB Karlos Dansby on Tuesday. They also signed WR Andrew Hawkins to an offer sheet. The details for the contracts of Whitner and Dansby have been reported, so we can figure out their 2014 cap hits. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun measured out Hawkins' cap hit if the Bengals do not match his offer. We also subtract three players at $570,000 each, due to the three additions to the Top 51 players.

Top 51 Roster Change Implications
Player 2014 Cap Hit Overall Terms
SS Donte Whitner $         4,250,000 4 YR, $28M, $13M guaranteed, $9M signing bonus
ILB Karlos Dansby $         5,500,000 4 YR, $24M, $12M guaranteed, $6M signing bonus
WR Andrew Hawkins $         2,550,000 4 YR, $12.2M, $5.3M guaranteed
3 players from Top 51 $       (1,710,000)
Top 51 Changes $       10,590,000

We previously had the Browns with $50.40 million in available cap space. Taking away the projected additions worth $10.59 million, that would give the Browns about $39.81 million in available cap space heading into Day 2 of free agency on Wednesday.