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Seven 2014 Free Agents the Cleveland Browns Should (Still) Target

The Cleveland Browns made a splash in free agency on Tuesday, but the odds are that they aren't finished yet. With a little help from our own Josh Finney (@JoshFin) I'm gearing up my own personal wish list of guys I hope we sign.

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Jonathan Daniel

1. Alex Mack, C

If you don't know about Mack's situation, you can read more about it here. Basically, this one is out of our hands: if another team signs Mack to a long-term deal, we can match it. But it doesn't look like we'll be able to sign him to a multiyear deal ourselves.

Josh weighs in with Alex Mack at his #7 slot:

7. Alex Mack: That dude is an absolute beast, and could really solidify our line play.

2. Julian Edelman, WR

He posted career highs in touchdowns, receptions, and yards last year in his first fully healthy year. The Kent State product is hyper-competitive and is exactly the kind of shifty guy I'd like to see us play in the slot.

Josh had Edelman at #3:

3. Julian Edelman: The Browns need reliable pass catchers in the worst kind of way. They can't expect Greg Little to contribute as a primary WR, and they need what they were looking to get in Davone Bess in the worst kind of way. Edelman will move the chains and run crisp routes, and has underrated quickness.

3. Arthur Moats, LB

This one is easy because of the connection to Mike Pettine. We don't need a stud at ILB, we have that in Karlos Dansby. What we do need is a linebacker who isn't totally lost in coverage but will mostly play on running downs, keeping blockers off of Dansby. Josh has Moats at #2 on his list:

2. Arthur Moats: Seriously, anything that keeps Craig Robertson off the field in base packages. Need respectability up the middle, and Moats can help the rest of the backers learn Pettine's system. Wont be terribly expensive, either.

4. John Kuhn, FB

Kuhn was a fan favorite in Green Bay, and I like him because of his versatility. We don't need a fullback who is going to stab Mike linebackers in the heart. What we do need for our shiny new zone blocked running game is a quick fullback who can lead block, catch passes, maybe take some carries, and most importantly can pass protect. I'd love to have Kuhn in the game on 3rd and long so a late-round rookie doesn't have to learn pass pro.

5. Ryan Harris, OT

Harris is a quick 300-pound lineman who was drafted to play for Mike Shannahan's Denver Broncos (zone-blocked running game) and spent the last two years in Houston (zone-blocked running game). He's a scheme fit and likely inexpensive.

6. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB

With all of the buzz about Darrelle Revis and Aquib Talib, there hasn't been much buzz about DRC. While not as good as Revis, DRC would still form a pretty good tandem with Haden. If the CB market has quieted down, maybe we could get him on a deal that doesn't kill our flexibility moving forward. After two days, I'm not sure why no one is talking about this guy.

For another "how is no one talking about this guy!?" Josh has Kerry Rhodes at #5:


7. Chris Clemons, S

While they definitely have their faults, Pro Football Focus ranked Clemons as their 4th best safety on the market, after Ward, Byrd, and wHitner. While Whitner excels in hitting people with extreme force, Clemons is great in coverage, ranking as PFF's 9th best coverage safety and leading the league among safeties with 0.20 yards per coverage snap.

Also receiving votes: Emmanuel Sanders, Vincent Rey, Akeem Jordan, Alex Carrington, Zoltan MeskoMichael Robinson, Greg Jones, Vonta Leach.

Finney's full list:

1. Captain Munnerlyn: Browns could use reliable DEPTH at cornerback, regardless of how you feel about Skrine. I'd like to get through a season having something other than a brand new UDFA at DB in case a player gets hurt. Liked Munnerlyn before last season, and he really took a positive step forward in 2013.

2. Moats

3. Edelman

4. Ben Tate: I know he's not a popular option because of his injury history and his underwhelming stats, but he's a capable body well versed in the zone blocking scheme Shanny jr. likes to run. Can teach the other backs on the roster, and does not seem to be generating a ton of interest from other teams around the league. Doesn't preclude the Browns from drafting a rookie and letting him work in as a committee back. We've ended the season consistently with the 5th back on the roster; why not add to the pile and get a stable of usable RB's?

5. Rhodes

6. That DL from Buffalo that Pettine likes (Alex Carrington): Yeah, because we need one more guy to complete our "All 11 DL" sub package.

7. Mack

Agree? Disagree? Have another guy on your wish list? Spark up the debate in the comments