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T.J. Ward Says the Browns Offered Him Nothing

The former Browns safety says that Cleveland didn't want him back as he hit the free agent market.

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The Cleveland Browns were aggressive at the start of free agency to sign SS Donte Whitner, which means they were replacing SS T.J. Ward, who was also a free agent and ended up signing with the Denver Broncos. Ward had the best season of his career against the run last year, but the fact that he took a relatively cheap deal in Denver led some to believe that he was looking to get out of Cleveland to chase a championship.

Ward was a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio (listen here), where he talked about the opportunity he has with the Denver Broncos.

During the interview, Ward hinted at the fact that the Browns didn't want him back. Later in the day, Ward posted a tweet that seems to insinuate that the Browns never even offered him a deal:

Unless Ward meant "nothing in terms of money," there's the confirmation that the team preferred a safety who defends well against the pass, compared to one who defends well against the run.