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Krupka's Browns Mock Draft v.1.0

It's just another lazy Saturday morning here in Hawaii, so what better to do then to start a series of Mock Drafts for your debate and analysis? In this weeks mock, you'll see a decent balance between offense and defense, but aside from picking good players, the primary focus was stocking up on playmakers to help the offense score points and move the chains.

1.9 - CJ Mosley, ILB, Alabama

With Teddy, Bortles and Matthews off the board, I elected to trade back with Buffalo for the 9th overall pick. I was hoping to land Robinson or Manziel here but alas, I failed. Both were taken just before my pick at 7 and 8. I wouldn't say I settled, but what I did do was create more value by securing an additional 2nd and 3rd round pick to move back 5 spots. There have been plenty of rumblings that the Browns aren't enamored with a QB at 4, if that's the case, then allow this move to be the devil's advocate.

CJ Mosley is the best ILB prospect in the draft and would immediately step in next to Dansby to help run the interior of Mike Pettine's defense. We're extremely thin in this area and Mosley instantly gives us a starter with great cover and run stop ability.

1.26 - Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

There have been equally as many rumblings as of late that Ray Farmer and company are interested in Derek Carr. Some of these whispers indicate that they like him a lot but just not at 4. My thinking is to never pass up the QB you believe is the QB of the future, but if the team doesn't feel there is a franchise prospect at 4, and think they can get a better value at 26, then this is the type of move I'd expect to see.

Carr impressed at the Senior Bowl and comes from an NFL pedigree. HIs brother has been helping him train and adding to the cerebral aspects of his game. I think there's a lot to like and develop with Carr. My biggest knock is that pressure seems to give him happy feet and causes him some anxiety in the pocket. This causes his to loose his eye level and to make some poor decisions. That being said, there could be enough there to take him at 26 and let him come in and compete for the starting spot. He has plenty of upside, the question is how will he adapt to pressure?

2.3. Joel Bitonio, OT, Nevada

Many may be wondering who this is? Well, if you don't, by the time the draft rolls around, you will. He's one of the most athletic, mean and nasty OL in the draft and offers an immediate upgrade for our offensive line in the new Zone Blocking System. I think he could come in and play RT for us, allowing Schwartz to test his meddle inside at RG. He's also versatile so he could be a plug and play G if needed.

I was targeting Xavier Sua Filo here, but he was taken at the end of the first round and so I found Joel to be a nice "consolation" prize.

2.9 (BUF) Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia

Thanks to the trade with Buffalo, the Browns were almost immediately back on the clock with the 9th pick in the 2nd round. Browns fans who were wondering what we'd do to address the #2 cornerback situation on the team now have their answer.

Fuller is a fiery, intense, instinctive defensive back and leader (team captain) who has great play recognition and reactions. Is able to diagnose routes and make plays on the ball. Can play both off man or zone and is willing to mix it up and support the run and has proven to be quite durable through his career. At 6'0" 190 lbs, he has some room to add weight at the next level to help his man cover ability and jam at the line of scrimmage. Adding Fuller immediately bolsters our defensive back position and allows Buster Skrine to operate where he operates best - in the slot where he's among the best in the NFL. That being said, playing defensive back in the NFL is a very difficult transition so I would expect some bumps along the way, perhaps not even starting right away, but the potential to be a disruptive, productive starting DB in the NFL is certainly there with Fuller.

3.7 - Devin Street, WR, Pittsburgh

I have been pouring through the receivers in this draft and can't believe just how deep this class is. It's incredible. There seemed to be an uncanny pattern happening this draft as I was actually targeting Donte Moncrief here, but he was taken the pick before me. In a perfect world, Moncrief would be my pick here.

Devin Street is a  6'3" 198lb senior who finished his career as Pitt's all team leader for receptions with 202. He offers an excellent compliment to Josh Gordon due to his size and ability to play on the outside. The Browns won't be looking for a #1 receiver, so his ability to win in zone coverage and play the role of a possession receiver will be key. His frame has room for growth and he could stand to add more strength, but he would immediately offer a big, sure handed target both along the sidelines and underneath. He has great hands, showing the ability to make catches in traffic and while being contested by defensive backs and linebackers. He shows decent speed (4.5 forty ) but nothing that's going to scream vertical threat in the NFL. Like most rookie WR, the transition to the NFL is not easy and he'll need a lot of work on his route running and timing. But I think he can develop into a great complimentary WR for the Browns.

3.9 (BUF) - Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor

Here, at what I consider a value. Once again the Browns were back on the clock immediately and we are able to get one of the most explosive running talents in the draft thanks to the trade with Buffalo.

Lache Seastrunk has the play making ability that Browns fans and teammates have been starving for. He wouldn't have to come in a be the immediate starter, but he would certainly get touches and push for situational reps. With Tate's injury history, having another playmaker in your stable is always a good idea. For me, I love this pick, and regardless of the fact that Ben Tate is on this team you need to realize he was brought here for peanuts. 2 years and up to $7M is not that big of a contract. If he plays well, they keep him next season, if not, you have the RB of the future on the roster with Lache Seastrunk. Lache's biggest opportunity will be to keep the ball going north south because his compact, powerful frame allowed him to play with phenomenal balance. Some feel his vision is lacking, but I see a back who has shown the ability to pick and explode through tight holes and create ample yards after contact. I think his blocking also needs to develop, which could limit his 3 down back potential.

3.19 - DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State

Grabbing DaQuan in the 3rd round is a great value for the Browns. At 6'4", 322 lbs, Jones is a big man. While you might believe we don't need additional depth on the defensive line, it never hurts to dominate the trenches. A guy like Jones has the strength, tenacity, and size to compete in the trenches and be a disruptive player in the NFL. He's able to control the point of attack and has nice athleticism for his size. He can be very disruptive and borderline dominate at times but hasn't always been the most consistent when watching his tape. He's a guy that could line up as a 5 tech in the 3-4 and could provide some added pass rush if he develops nicely. Many have him projected as 2nd rounder.

4.6 Yawin Smallwood, ILB, UCONN

Smallwood is 6'2", 246lbs and has good size for an ILB. He was a team captain as UCONN and by all accounts is a great kid who was well liked and looked up to by teammates and coaches. In many articles I've read, he seems to be coachable and willing to do whatever it takes to help the team and himself improve - aka, he's a humble, hard worker.

He has decent short distance speed and accelerates well, but where he's lacking is his straight line speed and ability to move laterally with the athleticism you may want to see in your ILB. However, he does well vs. the run in moving around blocks. Smallwood drops into coverage well and shows the ability to stick with running backs and receivers. He appears to play with good instincts and identifies plays well, but sometimes can be a step late.

Smallwood needs to develop his ability to shed blocks by using his hands and will need to work on his technique as a tackler. I think he can develop into a starter in the future but for now would be a great player to provide depth behind Dansby and Mosley.

4.27 - Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers

Here's a guy that by all accounts is a physical specimen standing at 6'6" 225lbs. At the combine, which was important for him because of concerns about his speed on account of his offseason knee surgery last summer. However, he impressed clocking a 4.56, putting up 21 reps on the bench, and showing good hops with a 32 1/2" vertical jump. His 3 cone shows good short distance quickness as well, 7.33 seconds is pretty good for a man his size. I first took notice of him last summer and immediately stated that he was a very similar player to Josh Gordon in that he has that elusive size/speed combo with play making ability. I was surprised he lasted this long, and there was no way I was passing him up. Some may question me and ask why 3 WR in the draft? The way it's stacked at this point would be Gordon, Street, Coleman, Hawkings, Archer, Benjamin, Little. If Coleman beats out Little, life's good because I think he has the ability to beat out everyone as a dominate possession receiver. But, the knock has been his attitude and his knee. So grabbing him here is a tremendous value.

5.8 (MINN) Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty

Here I decided to accept a trade with Minnesota to move back just a few spots while picking up an extra 7th round pick. With this pick I targeted a player who I think can develop into a great press/man corner. His ability to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage and alter their routes and timing impressed me and reminds me of Robert Alford - one of my favorite defensive backs in last year's draft.

At 6'1" 205lbs, Aikens is yet another taller defensive back to add to the fold in Cleveland. His size is impressive and so is his speed - registering a 4.42 forty yard dash in his recent pro day. He also showed some great leaping ability with a 35" vertical jump. His production was pretty good as well, although vs. what many would consider inferior talent, but during his junior and senior seasons he put together 12 pass deflections and 4 INTs while logging 113 tackles.

6.4 - A.C. Leonard, TE, Tennessee State

This is a player who I just learned about recently. Thanks to my friends recent article, The Holy Grail - TE Scouting, I was able to identify a player who has the size, speed, power and explosion data that groups him with other successful NFL TE's. While this data alone shouldn't be the focus of anybody's scouting, it should add value to what you see on tape.

On tape, I see an extremely athletic, versatile player who is able to create separation due to his speed. He shows the ability to pluck the ball out of the air with his hands, turn quickly and make plays after the catch with his size, athletic ability and power. After the catch, A.C. literally runs through and over players at times, but most impressively, can out run defensive backs and safeties. I think Leonard offers a great developmental player for the Browns who might be able to push for playing time immediately. Gary Barnidge be warned.

7.3 Dri Archer, WR/RB, Kent State

The local Kent State product stands a diminutive 5'8" and 173lbs, but for his size he is very strong, putting up 20 reps at the combine. The biggest asset of Archer's game is his explosion. He was able to register a 38" vertical and showed great quickness in the 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle, where he was a top performer in each category.

Looking at The Holy Grail - RB Scouting, we see the media's and draftnik comparison between Sproles and Archer is very much real in terms of raw data. Archer's combine best and blazing 40 time ( 4.26 seconds! ) certainly turned some heads. In my opinion, he'd be a great weapon for the Browns out of the slot or as an option out of the backfield. He'd be best utilized in the slot or in motion when playing receiver to help him gain separation.

His size is his biggest knock and long term concern is his slight frame which will allow him to be tackled easily and will limit his yards after contact. That being said, his burst and acceleration are un-coachable and will allow him to make plays immediately on Sundays provided he's utilized in the right fashion.

7.8 (MINN) - Isaiah Crowell, RB, Alabama State

One of my favorite RB's in the draft. I have compared him to Marshawn Lynch because he runs with power, is able to shed tacklers and gain yards after contact. He has had some character concerns in the past for weapon possession, however these charges were all dropped. The arrest led to the mutual decision for him to leave Georgia and he later ended up at Alabama State. I really like the skill and ability Crowell brings and if he's available in the 7th round, I'll take him every time here. If his troubles are truly behind him, and Farmer believes in this kid, I think he could blossom into something special.

Crowell would provide the Browns with a player who I believe can come in right away and push the entire group of running backs. He has the physical ability and skill set to be a 3 down back and if Tate doesn't perform up to expectations, I could see a nice rotation of Crowell and Seastrunk for years to come in Cleveland.