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List of What Browns Players Earned in Performance-Based Pay Program in 2013

Which members of the Browns earned the highest bonuses for their playing time in 2013?

The NFL released financial numbers from the 2013 season for its performance-based pay program. The program is designed to reward players who do not have a high salary (such as undrafted free agents or low draft picks), but receive a lot of playing time. Each team is allotted $3.46 million through the agreement between the NFL management council and NFL Players Association.

The money the players receive is deferred until April 1, 2016. The additional money does not count against the NFL salary-cap limit of $133 million, according to Aaron Wilson of Ravens Insider. Per Wilson, the money is computed through an index based on a players' regular-season playing time, fully salary, prorated portion of signing bonus and earned incentives compared against other players on the roster to figure out how much they should be paid.

With that in mind, it's not a surprise that the two players who received the highest bonuses on the Cleveland Browns were FS Tashaun Gipson and ILB Craig Robertson, undrafted free agents who each became starters in their second season. Everyone is eligible for some form of a bonus, though -- near the bottom of the list, you'll see Joe Thomas, for example. There were 64 players on the Browns who received bonuses, and I have ranked them from highest to lowest in the table below.

Last Name First Name Bonus
Gipson Tashaun $266,299.14
Robertson Craig $219,252.62
Skrine Buster $209,858.21
Cameron Jordan $160,594.22
Little Greg $119,755.08
Schwartz Mitchell $111,239.10
Ward T.J. $108,989.92
Ogbonnaya Chris $95,451.96
Winn Billy $90,950.57
Bryant Armonty $84,076.13
Gordon Josh $82,998.68
Martin Eric $81,865.00
Carder Tank $80,895.88
McFadden Leon $80,422.93
Gray MarQueis $77,748.26
Hughes John $75,162.82
Poyer Jordan $75,110.46
Owens Christopher $74,333.00
Bademosi Johnson $73,439.65
Whittaker Fozzy $71,361.80
Eubanks Darius $63,492.65
Barnidge Gary $63,125.22
Lauvao Shawn $58,217.24
Sheard Jabaal $57,697.11
McGahee Willis $53,493.20
Cousins Oniel $52,433.22
Greco John $52,193.10
Hazel Paul $45,660.67
Posey Julian $45,120.31
Kitchen Ishmaa'ily $44,391.33
Lanning Spencer $43,821.65
Magee Brandon $39,986.86
Campbell Jason $37,495.73
Aubrey Josh $35,248.78
Benjamin Travis $34,582.22
Taylor Phillip $30,658.46
Pinkston Jason $30,000.96
Mingo Barkevious $29,452.71
Gilkey Garrett $29,066.52
Weeden Brandon $27,583.69
Baker Edwin $26,934.22
Cooper Josh $26,400.60
Cundiff Billy $25,733.47
Mack Alex $25,594.34
Hoyer Brian $24,023.13
Bess Davone $23,697.62
Jackson D'Qwell $21,320.49
Milton Keavon $20,270.08
Tyms Brian $16,938.01
Rainey Bobby $16,634.31
Gurley Tori $16,631.60
Yount Christian $16,116.83
Haden Joe $14,329.92
Kruger Paul $12,938.48
Thomas Joe $11,512.08
Rubin Ahtyba $9,909.51
Bryant Desmond $8,912.17
Butler Rashad $8,881.93
Groves Quentin $8,669.71
Smith Andre $3,982.86
Sanford Brian $3,908.68
Edwards Armanti $1,963.54
Richardson Trent $893.05
Wallace Martin $276.31