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Eagles Expected to Sign Mark Sanchez, but Browns Still Discussing

The Eagles are expected to take another quarterback off the market -- one that the Browns didn't need to get involved with.

UPDATE: The Eagles haven't officially signed Sanchez yet, and at the NFL's owners meetings, Browns head coach Mike Pettine said that they are still discussing Sanchez as an option:


First, the Cleveland Browns were able to dodge the bullet of having to take on Matt Schaub's contract via a trade. When the Jets released Mark Sanchez, though, the concern was that the team would try to bring in the former first-round pick, who has been nothing but a disaster the past couple of years. Thankfully, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Sanchez will soon be Philadelphia's problem to deal with (likely as a backup):

Did the Browns have a real interest in bringing Sanchez in? I'd like to think that the answer to that is "no," but a couple of reports indicated that the team discussed the possibility. Note that these reports came before Mortensen broke the news about the Eagles:

Lane Adkins of the OBR also noted that the Browns' primary target for a quarterback to bring in remains Rex Grossman, who is the guy I would be in favor of at this point too.