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Bruce Arians Comments on Losing Dansby & Dray to the Browns

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

During his interviews, it always seems like former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Bruce Arians has a soft spot for his former club, even when they sign away two of his players in free agency. Arians, in his second year as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, was asked Wednesday morning at the NFL league meetings about the Browns signing LB Karlos Dansby and TE Jim Dray in free agency:

The Browns were reportedly aggressive in their pursuit of Dray fairly early on compared to other teams, and Dansby's contract at his age was probably more than what the Cardinals were willing to commit to.

And then, demonstrating the soft spot I described earlier, Arians threw in a couple of comments about former Browns QB Tim Couch (which Couch then promptly retweeted on his timeline):