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Jason Garrett Talks About Wanting to Develop QB Brandon Weeden

From starter to 30+ year old developmental quarterback.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Even though he's no longer a member of the Cleveland Browns, we'll still be following the career of QB Brandon Weeden here and there, considering he was a first-round pick by the team in 2012 and still counts against the salary cap. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was interviewed by ESPN at the NFL league meetings, and he was asked by Adam Schefter what the plan for Weeden was. Garrett stressed the fact that he views Weeden as a developmental quarterback with a lot of talent:

Schefter: "Do you expect to give Brandon Weeden more snaps in camp and in the preseason, because of Romo's injury situation?"

Garrett: "We want to give Brandon snaps and playing time. We feel like he's a developmental quarterback. He's got a lot of talent -- you guys know his history. With five years of MLB, he's an older guy, but he's still a young quarterback with a lot of talent. Regardless of what Tony's status is, we want to give him a chance to show us what he can do."