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Krupka's Browns Mock Draft v.2.0

With rain falling this morning and a phenomenon rarely heard in Hawaii - thunder - clapping across the mountain range, I found it easy to sit down with a cup of coffee and pour through another mock draft. I admit my last draft had some flaws and I took some risks that weren't prudent. In this week's mock, I try to atone for my transgressions.

Mike Zarrilli

1.4 - Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

If you read my Johnny Manziel Draft Profile, you know that I am a fan of young Jonathan's talent. Even amidst the talk and speculation that the QB stock is falling, I believe Manziel has the highest ceiling of any of the QB's in this year's draft and is well worth the pick at 4. Although he may not be the prototypical height, Johnny has all the traits and skills to be a franchise QB coupled with a fiery, competitive chip on his shoulder. For anybody with doubts after watching his film this season, he certainly supplied answers regarding his arm strength during his pro-day. Fans that worry the Browns weren't in attendance are severely over-reacting and are buying into the ESPIN narrative. He will be worked out privately, and I would expect that he will impress. For me, this pick is a no brainer. Although Brian Hoyer is confident he will beat-out anybody we draft, he could be in store for quite the competition this summer leading into camp.  Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

1.27 - Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State

In the only trade in this week's Mock, I was targeting Odell Beckham at 26, but when we wasn't there, I traded back one spot with New Orleans who came up for Jason Verrett, and then I picked one of this years most explosive ILB/OLB prospects and a hometown favorite in Shazier. I have asked scouts and draftniks alike if they feel Shazier can move inside and play ILB in the 3-4. I have received a mixed bag of responses. He has a natural ability to get behind the LOS and make tackles for loss and has excellent change of direction ability. I think with the dominant DL the Browns have in front of him, Shazier would be able to play inside with Dansby and deliver results in both facets of the game. He flies to the ball, and can uncoil and drop the hammer and has the athletic ability to cover RB, WR and TE at the next level. He's versatile enough to play in space and has the speed to play sideline to sideline.  Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

2.3 - Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

If we're looking for a ideal possession receiver with great route running, athletic ability, and versatility, Robinson is the pick here. He is an excellent route runner with good hands and good YAC ability. He can high point the ball and can make plays in space. HIs biggest knock is not having the elite top end speed however, the Browns already have Josh Gordon and added speedster and slot threat Andrew Hawkins via free agency. The Browns have the seam covered with Jordan Cameron and so Robinson adds a big, strong, smart #2 receiver to the fold who has his best days ahead of him. I think he comes in right away and delivers what the Browns need from their #3 passing option and their #2 receiver. Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

2.26 - Joel Bitonio, OT, Nevada

With the "trade down" -- more like a swap -- in the first round, I was able to gain New Orleans' pick here at the end of the 2nd round. I was thrilled to choose Bitonio to add the offensive minded first two rounds. If you read my mock last week, you also saw Joel's name there, so it's safe to say that I am a big fan of his. I think he can come in and compete at right tackle with Schwartz or either of the guard spots due to his versatility. My vision is that Schwartz and Bitonio are interchangeable parts until one claims the right tackle spot going into the season. His value is increased because he can be plugged into almost any position along the offensive line as evidenced by some teams planning on working him out at G, C, and T.  Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

3.7 - Demarcus Lawrence, DE, Bosie State

I was beyond stoked to find Demarcus waiting for me here. While many fans might scratch their head at this pick given the depth along the defensive line, generating pass rush and pressure is the name of the game in the NFL. Lawrence has the speed and ability to bend the edge from either the OLB position or with his hand in the dirt as a 3-4 DE. He'd be drafted to develop and release early in his career during passing situations, but has huge upside at either the OLB or DE position. A tremendous tackler who registered 34 tackles for loss and 20 sacks in last two seasons. He's shows great closing speed and has several moves both inside and outside that allow him to get to the QB. He's the type of player Mike Pettine would love to have on his defense due to his skill set and his versatility.  Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

3.19 - Dakota Dozier, OG, Furman

Dozier is a strong, nasty OG who like Robinson, has his best days ahead of him. Dozier received more and more recognition as the season progressed and really impressed at the East West Shrine game. He impressed me with his workout at the combine and although he will need some technical refinement in the pass game with his footwork and hands, he offers an immediate upgrade to our depth along the offensive line and will most likely compete for a starting spot. His value is increased because some believe he can also play center if needed. Link to his DraftBreakdown videos. Our offensive line depth would now look something like this:

LT - Thomas     LG - Dozier/Pinkston/Greco      C - Mack    RG - Schwartz/Bitonio/Gilkey    RT- Bitonio/Schwartz

4.6 - Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia

Here I added one of the this year's most versatile running backs and one of my favorites since last summer. I had been calling for Sims in a few Browns forums and have often discussed how his hands and ability to catch out of the backfield are bar none the best in this years draft. He is an excellent fit in the Zone Blocking Scheme we will be running because he's patient, waits for the hole, and shows the ability to cut and get up the field quickly. He'll offer a tremendous 3rd down passing option for Manziel and he'll push Ben Tate and offer insurance should injury or poor performance creep into the picture for Tate next year. Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

4.27 - Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty

In last week's mock, I had the Browns taking Aikens, and this week I am still a big fan of Aikens and believe he has what it takes to be the starting corner opposite Joe Haden. Adding a true #2 CD will allow Buster Skrine to slide into his most dominate position in the slot. Aikens shows tremendous fluidity in coverage with the ability to break up passes and find the ball. His press coverage at the line of scrimmage is excellent and he easily re-routes receivers and disrupts timing routes. His size is an asset and he should be able to come in, compete and develop into our #2 CB during the 2014 season. Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

5.5 - Andrew Jackson, ILB, Western Kentucky

A lesser known prospect from Western Kentucky, Jackson is a truly gifted ILB with good instincts, power and run stopping traits. He isn't the fastest athlete, but he is definitely skilled and brings a lot of intensity to the field. There are some character and effort concerns with him, so interviews will be critical to determine of the veterans can help him along and teach him how to be a professional. Another player who I believe has his best days ahead of him provided he can bring consistent effort and focus. Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

6.4 -  Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

Here's a receiver who's name has generated alot of buzz recently with his combination of size and speed. I think he's a perfect selection here in the 6th round and that he's a guy who - if nothing else - will help solidify depth and upside at the receiver position. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if he came in and impressed right away. I think Greg Little's days as a Brown are numbered, and Latimer offers another possession receiver option with speed, size and play making ability. He's got great hands and does well to catch the ball away from his frame - which he uses to shield corners and create windows to make plays. He will contribute as a blocker and shows good strength doing so.  Link to his DraftBreakdown videos.

7.3 - Howard Jones, OLB, Shepherd

This pick is purely projection. I have only watched a few videos of Howard, but when you do, it's hard not to see his explosion and quickness. He is raw, but he has the tools and should he make it this far down the draft, I think he's an absolute steal for the Browns to add in the 7th round and would be a highly valued "toy" for Mike Pettine to play with and mold. Much like Armonty Bryant last year, Jones dominated his competition and overwhelmed them with his speed and pass rush ability but will require refinement and experience before his true potential is realized. Link to his DraftBreakdown video.