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Gary Barnidge Talks About the Offseason, and Missing Out on the HBK Pose

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge was a guest on 92.3 the Fan on Saturday during a show hosted by Vic Travagliante. You can listen to the full interview here, where Barnidge talked about his charity work, how he might take some fans to see the Draft Day movie, attending Wrestlemania this year, and more. One of the things Barnidge was asked about was all of the team's offseason moves so far, which he approved of:

"I think it's awesome. I think it shows that we're moving in the right direction, and we're wanting to improve and win now. Everybody likes to talk about re-building -- well, we're not re-building, we're about winning now."

Barnidge then described what he does to stay in shape during the offseason:

"You have to do some workouts -- the coaches, they send us stuff to do. A lot of guys do their own stuff as well. Myself, I work out in my high school here in Florida. I do running and route running, and I do a little bit of a workout in the weight room. I do all of that to stay in shape, maintain shape. Once we get back in April, they turn it up another notch workout-wise."

Barnidge is a big wrestling fan, and a fun fact that Travagliante mentioned was that when Barnidge scored his first touchdown last year, he was supposed to do the Shawn Michaels pose. Barnidge had to abort the pose, though, because Jordan Cameron was busy jumping on his back.

Then, when Barnidge scored his second touchdown against the Patriots, he was going to do it again. If you recall, though, there was a flag on the field, so he didn't want to do a celebration, have it called back, and then look dumb. If Barnidge scores in 2015, though, we might have an HBK pose to look forward to!