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List of the Browns' 2014 NFL Draft Picks

When the 32 compensatory picks were announced last week, the final order for all seven rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft was set. Here are the ten picks that the Cleveland Browns currently hold:

  • 1st Round (No. 4 Overall)
  • 1st Round (No. 26 Overall)*
  • 2nd Round (No. 35 Overall)
  • 3rd Round (No. 71 Overall)
  • 3rd Round (No. 83 Overall)*
  • 4th Round (No. 106 Overall)
  • 4th Round (No. 127 Overall)*
  • 5th Round (No. 145 Overall)
  • 6th Round (No. 180 Overall)
  • 7th Round (No. 218 Overall)

The three additional picks that the Browns acquired in 2013 were No. 26 overall (from Indianapolis), No. 83 overall (from Pittsburgh), and No. 127 overall (from Indianapolis).