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Cleveland Indians Begin Their Season Today

Jason Miller

Weather-permitting, the Cleveland Indians will begin their season on the road today against the Oakland Athletics. I'm sure many of you are familiar with how the SB Nation network works, but in case you are not, I would like to point you in the direction of our Cleveland Indians blog: Let's Go Tribe.

Similar to Dawgs By Nature, they run game threads for every game of the season, and have a ton of pre- and post-game analysis to make Indians fans happy, win or lose. Best of all, they also follow the almighty "no subject line" rule! I will warn you, though, that the communities are different, so I suggest you take some time to gauge the feel of the community before you start spewing non-sense that you won't be able to defend reasonably.

Don't use this as an open thread for the Indians: head to Let's Go Tribe, and go Indians!

Let's Go Tribe

If you want to discuss something here, let us know which Tribe games you plan on attending this year. I am scheduled to go to two of them right now -- one in May against the Athletics, and the other one a month or two later against the Tigers.