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Joe Banner Officially Out of the Browns Organization

No more tension in Berea -- Joe Banner has already been transitioned out of the organization.

Banner's desk in Berea should officially be cleared out.
Banner's desk in Berea should officially be cleared out.

Earlier today, Cleveland Browns team president Alec Scheiner joined Adam the Bull and Dustin Fox on 92.3 the Fan. After talking about the team's new organizational structure for a bit, Scheiner was asked about Joe Banner's role with the team during this transition period, and that's when Scheiner let the cat out of the bag:

(Are there any things that Joe Banner are still involved in as he transitions out of the building?): "He's transitioned and he's looking forward to what he does next. In the building, we're working with our group now."

(So he's out of the building, he's not there?): "Yeah, that's right."

Scheiner was also asked about the report that the assistant coaches would have to report to Banner this year instead of Pettine, but Scheiner cautioned people not to believe everything they hear:

"No, I don't know about that. Some of the reports that have come out the last month or so, I really have no idea where they come from. All I can say is we really had a very normal structure when it came to our coach and who reported to our coach. I don't think there was anything to that."

In an interview with the Inquirer, Banner confessed that he feels he was pushed out of the Browns organization because of the perception that traditional football guys need to be running the football side of things, which is something he disagrees with:

Banner, 61, said that he hopes his dismissal after an abbreviated opportunity won't affect how owners go about hiring personnel on the football side of the ledger.

"I do think my not being in Cleveland anymore was contributed to by a lot of people thinking that these jobs are still best filled by somebody with a traditional background," said Banner. "So it's hard to say what will be next [for me]."

You have to imagine that Banner being officially out of Berea eases some of the tension that might have been in that facility, and the team has moved forward with the right leadership in place.