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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (4/1/14)

Jeff Gross


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Looking back at 2009, one of the NFL's most disastrous offseasons" (CBS) - "Do you remember what you were doing in 2009? Chances are it's not all that entirely different than what you are up to today. Five years, in the grand scheme of things, isn't too much time, after all."
  • "Zimmer sees flags around Manziel" (ESPN) - "The spectacle surrounding Johnny Manziel's pro day last week and the celebrity status of the former Texas A&M quarterback seem to concern Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, who said "flags" popped up when the team met with Manziel for a private workout."
  • "Manziel Mania!" (SoE) - "We have been doling out Manziel opinions by the ladleful during these Months of Manziel, and we will keep doing it right through Manziel May. That's right folks: Ron Jaworski saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of Manziel Mania!"
  • "DeSean Jackson to surpass Eric Decker's contract?" ( - "DeSean Jackson has only one free-agent visit lined up so far. He's in Washington getting a physical Monday night before meeting with the Redskins coaches on Tuesday."