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Browns C Alex Mack to Guest Star on Glee

NOTE: This was an April Fool's post that was published on April 1, 2014.


Last year, Cleveland Browns C Alex Mack participated in the second annual NFL Hollywood Boot Camp, where he got to play a role in a short film that was a comedic take on the story of Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. Over a year later, Mack is getting his first real gig in the business, when he will guest star on an episode of the television series Glee in early June.

Mack spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the opportunity on Monday:

"It's surreal," said Mack. "I met Ryan [Murphy], the show producer, through my agent. People have been wondering why I haven't been linked to other teams this offseason -- it's because we saw this opportunity and were working hard to get it. I mean, we still have a couple of months now to get back to football negotiations to see where my future will be."

As far as what character Mack will be playing, the word is that he will be a lower-division college coach who is looking over a class of possible recruits, including Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet), who played a high school college quarterback when his storyline was set in Lima, OH.

Considering Glee is a show full of musical performances, will Mack get in on the sing-and-dance at all?

"Well, if the show had still been set in Ohio, I thought maybe we could've done a rendition of 'Cleveland Rocks,'" said Mack. "The setting of the show has moved to New York, though. I was thinking, 'Eye of the Tiger,' but they've already covered that. We came up with something that ended up being a lot of fun -- I think fans will just have to wait and find out."

Asked whether he was a fan of Glee, Mack was enthusiastic:

"Oh yeah, definitely. Best show on television as far as I'm concerned."

For an official sneak peak of Mack's performance, click here.