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Rumor: Browns Making a Push for WR DeSean Jackson

Matt Sullivan

As of yesterday, the Cleveland Browns did not have any reported interest in WR DeSean Jackson. However, we noted that ESPN's Ed Werder had reported that two mystery teams were deep in negotiations with Jackson:

As of yesterday, the latest word was that the Washington Redskins were the team making a big push to sign Jackson. Just a few hours ago, though, a sports anchor from the Washington area tweeted that the Browns have not only made Jackson an offer, but that they are going hard with their offer.

Following that tweet, the sports anchor indicated that the San Francisco 49ers contacted Jackson and want him to visit them. Shortly after that, ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed the 49ers' interest:

Could the Browns be in the mix for Jackson after all? It'll be interesting to see if any other sources link Jackson to Cleveland. Lane Adkins of The OBR, who usually has all of the inside scoops, tweeted that he had not heard about anything, on or off the record, about a Browns-Jackson signing.