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The Crockett Gillmore Interview - "I come to play with bad intentions"

In one of my favorite animated movies - Ratatouille - Chef Gusteau's philosophy is "anyone can cook! But only the fearless can be great!" This also applies to talent in the NFL. There are countless stories peppered among NFL rosters where a player from "nowhere" is now a common name and NFL star. Playing at Colorado State didn't help Crockett's exposure, so when I first noticed his film in January, I immediately started tweeting about the potential I saw. Well, it's April now, and following his performance at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine, the proverbial "cat is out of the bag" and I am as intrigued as ever.

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I want to thank Crockett for his time, we had fun putting this together and I hope you enjoy the interview. Be sure to check back later tonight for my Browns Potential Draft Target draft grade and evaluation for Gillmore.

MK - Where did you grow up and how did you get involved in football? Was football your only sport?

CG - I grew up in Bushland, Texas playing backyard football with my 3 brothers. I also wrestled and ran track.

MK- Growing up as a kid my dad blasted 99.5 WGAR to and from school and every practice. I can probably sing just about any country song from the late 80's and all of the 90's.

CG - That's the way to go! Country living. I love it!

MK - Who do you emulate your game after as a TE?

CG - Probably Heath Miller as a true hand in the dirt TE.

MK - Who's been your biggest role model in life? And on the football field?

CG - My dad he has always been there to tell it like it is never any BS. Always to the point.

MK - Sounds like he's been pretty influential?

CG - Yeah, my family runs through him. He's old school and his life motto is "if you want something done, do it yourself"

MK - What's been the biggest challenge you've had to overcome in football/life and how were you able to succeed?

CG - Losing I hate losing more than anyone and I was able to overcome it by finding a way to win.

MK - What do you feel are your 3 biggest strengths as a TE?

CG - My hands; the effort I bring; and my ability to block anyone. I can run around in space but not a lot of guys can live in the trenches.

MK - How do you see those translating vs. bigger and stronger NFL players on Sundays?

CG - I will continue to live in the weight room and continue to get better at my technique.

MK - Would you say you're a coachable player/teammate? And are you willing to learn from veterans as they teach you their craft?

CG - I'm very willing to learn and do anything possible to get better and win.

MK - How would you describe how you play the game?

CG - With passion and anger but I play on instinct and knowledge of my opponent.

MK - You seem to have a mean streak when you block, is that coached or is that just who you are as a player?

CG - That's just me. It's the way I have played since front yard ball with my brothers. I come to play with bad intentions.

MK - As a prospect and a person, do you have a "chip on your shoulder" and if so, why?

CG - Yes. I've always taken every negative thing I hear and it fuels me to work and play. It's just who I am and how I operate. I always wonder why I'm "underrated" or why people put so much value on where somebody played. I mean I get it, but there are great players everywhere. Just because somebody played in the SEC or Big 12 doesn't mean they're the best.

MK - At the combine, which teams did you speak with and can you give me examples of what they asked you?

CG - Spoke with every team. They asked very generic by the book questions, similar to these!

MK - Haha! Come on bro!

CG - Haha!

MK - Did any teams tell you they wanted you to work on "X" or "Y"?

CG - Mainly to continue nutrition and gaining knowledge of the position as we'll as the passing game and routes.

MK - Do you feel your performance at the combine / Senior Week helped your "stock" and have teams contacted you for private workouts?

CG - Yes I feel like I definitely helped my stock. No private workouts yet.

MK - What do you feel are your 3 biggest opportunities to improve as a TE going into the draft and your first season in the NFL?

CG - Overall strength as we'll as blocking "footwork" and " hand placement"

MK - Did you / have you talked with the Browns?

CG - I met with some scouts, nothing in detail.

MK - Where do you feel you fit at the next level? More of and in-line blocking TE or a H-back type?

CG - I feel I can do both given the opportunity. In other words, "yes" I can block but I also think "just throw it up and let's make a play!"

MK - Why will you be a success and why should a team draft you?

CG - I want to work I'm willing to work and I want to WIN! I will make plays when given the opportunity to. I only got one offer to play in college, and I made the best of that opportunity, I'll do the same in the NFL.

MK - Thanks for the interview Crockett! Good luck!

CG - Thanks and no problem. Hang loose, braddah!