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Draft Day Movie Opens at $9.75 Million at Box Office

Jeff Gross

According to box office reports, the movie Draft Day, which stars Kevin Costner and features the Cleveland Browns, opened at this weekend's box office with a relatively disappointing $9.75 million. Here are the top five money makers of the week:


Funny enough, two of the top four movies -- Draft Day and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, had a lot of scenes filmed in Cleveland, OH. The local reviews for the movie were pretty positive, including here at Dawgs By Nature. However, the box office projection was reportedly $13.5 million. Even though I haven't seen the movie yet, my "gut feeling" the whole time was that this would be more of a cult film -- one that makes money over the long-term.

Here is what Forbes said about Draft Day's opening weekend:

Speaking of Lionsgate (see what I did there?), Kevin Costner’s Draft Day tried again to prove that Kevin Costner is still a face-on-the-poster movie star. The Ivan Reitman football dramedy earned a relatively sad $9.75m for the frame. Yes the film only cost around $20 million, but by any other stretch this is a relative miss. The reviews were mediocre and the film was sold mostly to hardcore football fans. Let’s put it this way, back in 1994, arguably in the middle of Costner’s prime stardom era, this would have been about a $4.5 million debut. I don’t want to kick a wounded horse, but the fact that we’re still expecting Costner to pull in big numbers 25 years after Field of Dreams is a telling sign of how badly Hollywood has bungled that whole "new movie stars" thing. As I’ve said before, Hollywood has spent ten years looking for the next Tom Cruise instead of the next Will Smith, and now we’re stuck relying on 80′s and 90′s movie stars for so-called "star power".