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Devil's Advocate: The Browns Need To Draft Johnny Manziel

Do it. Give Cleveland Johnny Fever.

To Cleveland bitches!
To Cleveland bitches!
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

I will be completely honest, I like the bad guy. I root for Darth Vader. I root for Hannibal Lecter. I love Johnny Manziel.

Calling him a bad guy isn't fair to Johnny F-----g Football. What has he done so wrong? He drinks beer in college. He goes to casinos and wins legal. He sells his signature for money. Ask yourself, would you do the same thing? Chances are the answer is yes. Could he be a mega-douche bag to the likes Cleveland has never seen? (Doubtful) Who knows, but even if he popped his collar, wore a bluetooth in a store and banged your sister, he would still be our doouchebag. God knows we have loved them before.

You know what those guys all had in common? They were good. Just like Manziel. He is a God in a state that worships football, dominating the supposed toughest conference like no other. He has somehow made football even bigger in the eyes of Texans and has turned the football world upside down. The Longhorns are no longer the good team in Texas. Manziel made the football world forget about this guy. That should be enough for everyone to like him.

It isn't hard to see that I like Johnny Football, and damn it, you should to.

  1. This is a super star league. For every Russel Wilson type QB that baby-sits wins, there are 10 guys like the Manning's, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Brees, Rodgers, Stafford, Ryan, Luck, Griffin and Cam. Guys that were taken in the first round and can win games all by their lonesome. If you think Brian Hoyer can do that, you can go ahead and log-off Mrs. Hoyer.
  2. We need someone that can win football games by themselves. How many times did Johnny do that at A&M? Did anyone else watch the Peach Bowl? Or anytime he went head to head with Lord Saban? In two games against Bama, A&M went for over 1,000 yards and 71 points. The only team that slowed Manziel down was LSU, but even in that game he ran for 149 yards. But his feet are the icing on the cake, his arms is what does the magic.
  3. Before we get to the skills part of the discussion, we need to address maybe the biggest reason Johnny Manziel needs to be a Cleveland Brown. Attitude. Cleveland is not an easy place to play, we always think the worst and expect a step below and come down on Quarterbacks the instant we see one start to struggle. We need a Quarterback that can come in here have a poor game, laugh at the boo's and go for 350 the next Sunday. That is a special quality. Brady has it, Weeden didn't. There is one Quarterback I KNOW has that in this draft. J. F. F.
  4. The game has changed. Football is played at break-neck speed. Chip Kelly isn't the outlier, he's the future. Think about this, Nick Saban is supposedly the smartest defensive mind to ever walk the face of earth, and instead of finding a way to stop guys like Manziel, Saban is trying to change the rules. We need a triggerman to run this kind of offense. I don't Bortles can do it. I don't think Carr and Bridgewater can threaten a defense with their feet like Manziel.
  5. Manziel has a weak arm is made up, check the numbers; Bridgewater was a check down machine last year with 63% of his throws being less than 10 yards downfield with a 10.3 YPA. Manziel on the other hand 21% of his throws were 11-20 yards and 21% were 20+. In other words Manziel worked every area of the football field and matched Bridgewater with a 10.3 YPA. In fact in the intermediate range of 11-20, only 1 Quarterback (Mettenberger) had a higher completion percentage and YPA in this range. Not only that, but Manziel was fantastic throwing the ball outside the hashes last year. Again only Mettenberger had a higher completion percentage and YPA than Manziel outside the hashes.
  6. I can already hear the Manziel haters typing now, "But he just threw it up to Mike Evans who saved his ass every time!". Did you know that A&M had 4 players catch more than 50 passes last season? Fresno State had 3. Central Florida had 1. Louisville had 2. Evans had 69 catches while Derel Walker (who is 4th on the team in catches) had 51. Seems like a small difference for a guy who "always" saves Manziel's bacon no? He was better at spreading the ball around this year, he doesn't lock in on Evans, that's a boring myth. With Gordon, Hawkins, Cameron, rookie-to-be-named-later with some Benjamin sprinkled in, Manziel would do the same here.
  7. What is the downside? We miss on a QB? At least we shot. That is something we really haven't done in years. Enough of taking pass-rushing projects or right tackles, sack up and draft a freaking Quarterback and act like a competent franchise for once. If Manziel comes in and completely busts, we cut him, eat a small cap hit and draft another. Thank you rookie cap. All positions bust, only one position truly matters.
  8. We have a Pro Bowl WR, TE, T and Center and people want to draft a tackle? Really!? If you hear someone say "we need to develop the roster more before we draft a QB" punch that person in the face. I'm serious. The worst thing you can do is let dumb people continue to be dumb. Think of it like this, the Browns had success last season with a journeyman backup QB, imagine what someone with talent can do?
Blake Bortles is bland and does nothing great. Bridgewater is as exciting a milk toast and doesn't have the ceiling of Manziel. Is anyone excited about Derek Carr? Unless it is throwing a ball over a mountain, I don't think he has what it takes.

As for the rest of the draft, let someone else think that Colt McCoy, Charlie Frye, Luke McCown and Eric Zeier Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger, Jimmy Gorororapppolloolo are franchise saviors. Why don't we put on the big boy pants and draft the one QB that has everything we need and be done with this?