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Redskins Sign WR DeSean Jackson, Ending Speculation About Browns

Did the Browns ever have an interest in signing DeSean Jackson?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Washington Redskins signed WR DeSean Jackson to a 3-year deal worth $24 million, $16 million of which is guaranteed. That ends the possibility of him ending up with the Cleveland Browns. Although there weren't conclusive reports about the Browns' being interested in Jackson, one reporter from the DC area -- the same one who reported Jackson signed with the Redskins -- said that the Browns had made a serious offer to Jackson.

Was it true? We might never know. Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland thinks that the Browns were simply a "plant" by Jackson's agent to drive up negotiations with Washington:

However, when FoxSports1's Alex Marvez talked to Jackson's agent, he said that Jackson had "three serious suitors" -- the same number that the DC area reporter mentioned on Tuesday, when she said that the Redskins, 49ers, and Browns were all trying to make plays for Jackson. At the very least, it could add to the speculation that the Browns will pursue a wide receiver near the top of the draft this year.