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Nate Burleson's Contract is for the Veteran Minimum

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since WR Nate Burleson signed a one-year deal with the Cleveland Browns on April 6, the terms of his contract have been under lock and key. Even when WFNY interviewed Burleson's agent, it was noted that, "As far as the contract terms, Ken said the Browns are keeping them quiet, but there were some 'guarantees' included."

According to Over the Cap, the guarantees for Burleson aren't very high. He is making the veteran minimum in base salary at $955,000, with a signing bonus of $65,000. That $65,000 is the only amount he is guaranteed. In total, Burleson received a one-year contract worth $1.02 million. It's the same exact one-year deal that veteran K Billy Cundiff received.

Because of how many years Burleson has been in the NFL, he qualifies for the minimum salary benefit -- he'll only count for $635,000 against the cap. In other words, we got Burleson for a very fair price, considering his age and talent.