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DBNRadio Writer's Mock Draft Results

Three of the writers from DawgsByNature went on air today to pick and discuss their ideal Browns-only mock drafts.


In case you missed today's DBNRadio Writers Browns-only Mock Draft featuring Josh Finney, Jon Stinchcomb and yours truly, Mike Krupka, be sure to check it out -- HERE -- If you missed the live show or aren't able to listen online at the link above, be sure to check iTunes download the podcast once it's available there shortly!

This was a live, round by round "snake" format similar to fantasy football drafts. We explain the format more in detail on air, but essentially, even if we agreed on a pick at a certain spot -- for example I definitely wanted Johnny Manziel at 4 -- the format wouldn't allow us to take the same player. So each round ended up being unique and like a real draft, once a player was picked, he wasn't able to be considered by the next writer.

There are bound to be some interesting comments and heated debate regarding who we picked, and here are those picks: